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MeMy name is  Nick Menard. I am a freshman at Northwest Missouri State University and I am currently an Agricultural Business major. I graduated from Savannah High School in Savannah, MO (Not Georgia). I used to work at DQ down in Savannah and it was a blast, especially when I found the ice cream cone outfit. I met many friends at DQ and that’s what I miss the most of working there. I am now a cook at Applebee’s and I am very excited to start working again. I enjoy doing woodworking, most of my skills come from my grandfather and my dad has a few up his sleeve. I have four siblings, two older sisters and a younger brother and sister. I enjoy spending time with my friends, which who doesn’t, and I enjoy camping and fishing. If it wasn’t so cold I would be out there now!


This is how I have spent some summers. Hanging out with some of my best friends out at Camp Geiger. It is a Boy Scout camp in St. Joesph, MO. This is us in our Mic-O-Say costumes which are to resemble Native American clothes. We are considered runners in the the tribe and we have a lot of fun doing it.

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