Everyone thinks they want to be famous. They want to have their faces plastered all over the internet and seen all over. I know for a fact I don’t. Yes I would like my name to be known but not like that. I don’t want to have to do drugs and starve myself to be famous. I am happy how things are going and would like to become famous for actually doing something that would help people or be pretty awesome. I like living the simple life and taking it easy. I would like wealth but I want an equal balance of having money but also having a very strong family. I would rather have a very happy family rather than being overly wealthy. But that’s just me. If you have any thoughts comment and we can maybe talk.

If I could become famous because of woodworking would be awesome!

Image: http://www.jdwalt.com/2011/02/24/how-fame-works/

One thought on “Fame

  1. Yes I agree with what you are implying. If being famous cause you to step out of your beliefs and doing things you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing, why would one want to do those things? A lot of times the things or actions one has to endure can really hurt and affect that one’s life hard. Wanting to become famous is not a problem, just go about becoming famous the right way and stay on the positive side of the line because once you cross into negative things, it takes more for you to come back to being in the positive light.

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