Many people work their butt off and don’t get credit for anything. I know they enjoy doing it but there comes to a level of under appreciation. I know for a fact I have hit that level. I work hard to please my boss at work, my parents at home, people at church, and everyone else. I have put in hundreds of volunteer hours and donated many different things, mostly labor. Granted for some of the things I have done I don’t expect a big shiny plaque. But sometimes it is nice to know that you are valued and appreciated.

When you keep getting worked to death and the first one always volunteered to do something you get burnt out. I know that happened at church when I would have to serve every single week because nobody else would show up when they were scheduled. At DQ when I worked there I definitely worked harder than the rest of the cooks there. I would clean everything that no one else would. I would do my job right and efficiently. But I still felt like I wasn’t doing everything right because I never really got feedback on my performance. I just wish people understood this and that it is nice to recognize someone every now and then.

Image: http://www.tweaker.org/stories/repressed_obsessed_depressed.html

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