images Everyone has a secret in their life. If you don’t, you are definitely lying or you can’t keep one. Girlfriends always want to know what they are but sometimes it isn’t always the best. Like when you forget something important and she gets by without it and you don’t tell her. Not that I keep things from my girlfriend. But there are some secrets that I just can’t tell her. But I know she has many that she doesn’t tell me so I don’t get mad at her for them. I know she has her own personal life and I have mine sometimes. IT’S ALL GOOOOOD.

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When I make Dana’s birthday and Christmas present, I never tell her what  I am making. It is always a surprise for her and that makes it so much better! She never knows what to expect. She may give me some ideas but I usually come up with them on my own. The only bad thing is I am running out of things to make for her! I need some ideas… Anyone have any? If so please share! I can only think of so many things and get stumped sometimes.

These are the doors that go on the entertainment center. I made them and got them completely finished so I could get the hardware on them and I am soon to post the stained cabinet


Prized Possessions


So everyone has those items that they think they could not live without. They would claim they are their prized possessions. Most kids these days would claim their phones are. I have a tin can at home that I have mine in. If there was ever a fire it would be the first thing I would grab. It has just small little things that I would like to keep because they have sentimental value. I would like to make sure I have my phone but I would live without it. I think it is crazy how much people rely on their phones these days. I also think it is ridiculous how young kids are that parents get them cell phones. Granted many houses don’t have  a home phone anymore but still. Kids that are in like 3rd grade do not need a cell phone.

I don’t know what else to add to this. I have pretty much vented I had on my mind. Have a great day!



Hollywood. Mostly associated with movie stars and nut heads! (Nutheads mostly me..) I always thought it would be neat to visit but I would much rather go to places in the U.S. Somewhere like Wyoming or Montana. I just don’t have a big fancy for big busy places with a lot of crazy people. I mean if I got a free trip there I would be more than happy to go. I enjoy camping and staying out in the open much more. Getting out of town and just having fun camping and fishing interest me much more.

Towns like Maryville I enjoy a lot. Not being stuck in a ton of traffic or just packed places don’t tickle my fancy. I love living in a small town because there is room to stretch and do whatever I want. To me it is usually cheaper to live out in the country because there is less demand and just a lot more open. I enjoy the fresh air and gravel roads. Also you don’t have to have permits to build what you want and it is much easier to get things done. You can make noise and can’t see in your neighbors’ windows. The big city life is not for me.




Endings. Especially with movies you can always seem to figure out what the ending is going to be. Except when I watched the Breakfast Club for the first time. It was quite the different movie but none the less I enjoyed it a lot! (I recommend you to watch it if you haven’t seen it.) But everyone loves to be done with something. I was excited to be done with my Eagle Scout Award. Or a big project at school that you have been working on for a very long time. I mean, I know the ending is not always the greatest.  I was excited to be done with high school but once I realized that I was going to be done with FFA contests forever I really didn’t want that to stop. I enjoyed going to every one of them but now that they are over I miss them like no other. Also others would argue the end of life or something else that is very special to you. Granted yes those aren’t the greatest ending but sometimes they are for the best of the person. If they are in pain and suffering, I really wouldn’t want that to keep on happening to them but God has a plan for everyone and will take them when the time is right.


But back to the topic of wood. To the right you can see the hope chest that met the ending of its creation. It is made out of oak plywood plus some oak boards. The bottom of it is made out of cedar planks. It’s about 22″x14″x12″. (I can’t remember the exact dimensions!) It was fairly simple but I had fun making it. I ended up wood burning her name into the front. They are actually from a leather working kit that I traced and had my mom enlarge them at work on the copier. They are hard to see but they are pretty neat! They are the same that I used on her jewelry box that I made her also that will be on a later post.


imagesThere is always something that makes someone mad. You may think you never get angry but there is always something that pulls the trigger. Some may be a sibling! I know that happens with me and they always know how to get on my nerves. Since I have been at school though it hasn’t been bad because I am not home all the time with them. Some may complain that their parents are the ones that set them off. Sure you can be mad at your parents but honestly I could never stay mad at my parents. I mean they did create me and they take good care of me. They provide the house that I lived in for 18 years of my life and always welcome me home. They watch over me and help me if they can. I don’t know what I would do without them.

leftover cuts from molding


In woodworking aggravation can arise very easily. A simple slip of the saw and cutting the wrong thing, using the wrong stain, or something breaking. I know a couple of times I was working on a project and a little thing went wrong and I almost exploded. Its amazing how a small slip can mess quite a bit up. But luckily there is wood glue and sanding to help cover mistakes. Without those two it would be much more difficult to cover mistakes. I know that anger arises in my family very easily. My family is very short tempered, so I know that there is a small margin for mistakes. But I am working on controlling my temper because I don’t like to have a short fuse. I would like to be able to control it and keep my top.


Challenges.. Welcome to life.


In life there are always struggles and challenges. Some just quit when the going gets tough and they get weak. Some just don’t try at all if they know that it is going to be difficult. Others push through and overcome the challenge and sometimes even come out stronger. I know there has been a few times that I have hit a rough spot and just stopped. I didn’t want to go on so I didn’t and just did something else. Sometimes I wish I would have accepted the challenge but luckily most of those challenges I turned down have no effected my life today.

One of the great challenges that I accepted and completed is getting my Eagle Scout Rank. Very few scouts actually achieve this great rank but I did. I was luckily part of a great troop that churned out a lot of Eagle Scouts. Troop 60 from Savannah, MO usually gets almost every boy they have come through the program achieve the rank of Eagle. All of my friends that went through the program with me achieved it a little before me so the pressure was on me to get it done. I am very happy that I got it done because I know it will help me later on in life.

Challenges in woodworking often happen just because of the material you are making it out of. Wood is expensive anymore and tools and other materials aren’t getting cheaper. Also wood warps and gets nasty and it just makes it all just a pain. Also when you don’t have much material and you have to cut everything out perfectly makes the pressure much greater but it is a true test of skill. I know I have worked on a project and had to stop immediately and have to change the plan. It’s a pain in the butt but sometimes it has to happen. Challenges happen everyday but we have to step up and overcome them.




geneticsCameron Russell had a very motivational speech. She spoke about the corruption in the modeling industry. I think models look good but what they have to go through is wrong. Many, such as Miss Russell, are very self conscious. Many develop an eating disorder and I hate that people do that. Bulimia is very disgusting and many men don’t want people like that. The stereotypical model is very skinny, white, and has that perfect hair. Granted yes, they are very pretty, there is beauty in many other women. They may not have that bikini ready body but they are very beautiful.

Now for me, I know what my family looks like and the genetics that come down to me. Obesity comes to me along with bad eye sight. But that’s what glasses are for and gyms. I know I am not perfect but I can somewhat fix it. But with my genetics, I know that some brains come to me. Many of my family members are very smart and I know I have the capability of doing great things. Such as woodworking. My grandfather was a great woodworker and I feel that some of his skills came down to me.

I know I’m not perfect and my family isn’t either but I am happy with them. I am not self conscious about myself and I am comfortable with how I am.


I finally got all the trim pieces on the front and started to install the tracks for the drawers to go on. (Those tracks were a pain!)