Tyler Ernst

downloadMany people have others that they look up to when they need guidance. Some people do not know that they are being looked up at but it happens every day. I know that I have had many people to look up on. Most of them are good influences and I would love to be like them. Of course all of the people I have looked up at have not always been the best choice but in a way I used them to know what not to do and help me make the right choice. Many people learn from the mistakes of others and I know that others have done that from me because everyone makes mistakes.

One of the best people that I have looked up to since 5th grade is my great friend, Tyler Ernst. When I crossed over to Boy Scouts he was one of the older scouts that would be at the meetings to help out but mostly hang out with the other older kids and have fun. Sometimes the older scouts would set up a game for the youngsters to have fun and learn to pass on later on. Tyler was no exception. He loved scouting and all of the friends he made in the program. I have talked to many of his friends from scouts and with what they had to say about him, I am very confident that I made a great choice on who I am going to be talking about.

I am very excited to start to talk about him. The great thing is, I could be related to him possibly some day! My girlfriend’s sister is engaged to him and there would be a possibility to be related. I think it would be great to be. We get along great and I think it would be very awesome.

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Perspective differs between people. Everyone looks at everything differently and sometimes they can the same. I know I can look at one thing and think that it is pretty cool and I would want it but somebody else can look at it and hate it. Beliefs have some to do with it and also your heritage. Somebody raised in a well off family might look at a used car and think its disgusting but someone from a hard working blue collar family would think its pretty nice.

When I look at things I feel like I look for all the bad things first only because that helps me spend my money wisely. If I find a lot of things wrong then I won’t be interested and get over it. This helps me because I don’t really have money to waste on things that are dumb. If I find that it isn’t worth it, there is no point in getting it. Sometimes I wish other people thought that way but then other people wouldn’t make money because people wouldn’t buy their crap.

When I look at art it changes everything. Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense to me but then again I am not good at thinking deep about the actually meaning of something. Other people could look at it and say it’s the meaning of life and have a big description and I would be lost. I just don’t understand how some people see things.

With woodworking how you look at what you make, makes all the difference. I look at my stuff as beautiful and it makes me work on it just that much harder. I enjoy what I do and do it to please others. I just wish some people shared the same perspective as me.

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Classics. This makes me think of shows like the Andy Griffith Show. Or maybe I Love Lucy and Bewitched. I love the old shows especially the cartoons. There is nothing like the good old shows that my parents grew up on and loved. I usually enjoy them more than the shows that are on today. Old ones were good family humor and today’s is just stupid humor. I somewhat blame the bad behavior of most kids these days on the shows that are on today. In these shows the kids have no respect for their parents or authority figures and kids think they can just act like that. In the old shows the kids respected their parents. Especially in Leave it to Beaver; Beaver did everything his parents asked even though sometimes it took a minute for him to do it right.

The same goes for cars. Any day I would take an ’84 F150 over any other vehicle. They made cars look pretty sweet in the day and I love most of them. The only bad thing is their gas mileage sucked really bad. The only good thing is that gas was super cheap back then and people were able to drive on Sundays. People were able to just drive and go just about anywhere. I wish it could be like that today. But nothing will ever compare to the classics.

Music from a while back makes up much of my iTunes library. I have many songs from the the 50’s-70’s. I love old music and I was brought up on it. Of course I like new songs like Thrift Shop but nothing compares to the old. Sometimes the new stuff will never be as good as the old stuff. I wish people now-a-days could appreciate the classics. I still enjoy listening to records and wish everyone else could too.




Certain people are more picky about their privacy than others. Some like to be out in the open and show off while others would like to be more “sheltered” and not have their stuff shown. I know there are couples that won’t kiss in public because they want their privacy and don’t believe in public displays of affection. I don’t mind kissing in public but I don’t like everything else out in the open. Sometimes in hotels I leave the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door because I don’t trust the cleaning ladies. One time they moved all my stuff and it seemed like they went through it. I don’t like people going through my stuff. That is one of my biggest pet peeves. Privacy to me is important and I respect other people’s privacy. My stuff is my stuff and not yours, unless you ask. like on Facebook I have all the possible security measures on because I don’t like people who aren’t my friends to see my stuff. The same goes for my phone number. If I want you to have my number I will get it to you. I am just picky about my stuff. But who shouldn’t be?

In woodworking some people are very private and don’t like to share until its done. I know for the gifts that I make my girlfriend I don’t let her see it until it is over. I also only like to share it with people when it is done. I also just like to share what I am making but not until its done.

photo  This is after some of the trim pieces on the front are glued on (very few brads were used, Gorilla Glue is             the best!)


Injustice…. I am not fully aware of how there is injustice in the woodworking world. I am sure I could find someone that would say there is but to me I can only think of one thing. The price of tools. The rising costs of tools is ridiculous. In the tool world though, name brands are usually better. I have used the cheap brands and 95% of the time they do not last as long. Sure they are cheaper but they are also cheaper built. When it comes to tools I usually stick to Craftsman, Bosch, Milwaukee, or Dewalt. Some may say that I am picky and just use the expensive tools…. I say heck yes I do! I would rather spend the money on a more decent tool once and have it last a long time and then replace it rather than replace a cheap one multiple times. I also keep an eye out and try to get tools that are made in the US. I am a big person that would rather buy it made in my own country rather than something made overseas. Support American workers

spin_prod_744336812 (1)

This is my newest tool and it is the Craftsman  C3 Drill/Driver Kit with Lithium-Ion Battery. I got it for Christmas from my girlfriend and it has been a big help. I was able to use it on her entertainment center and it always makes me happy when I can actually use my tools. I have lots of them but being young and not really having anything to fix or such, you don’t always get to use your tools a lot. I always feel happy to use them.

I feel like I went off topic but in my closing words. I am sure there are more unjust topics in this area but tool prices are the worst.



Final Super Bowl commercial. All in all I was disappointed in the commercials this year. To me they were pretty lame and not entertaining. The Dodge commercial had to to be my favorite though. With the Budweiser commercial, I know it had quite the sentimental meaning but I didn’t really care for it.

I know a man can have quite the attracted to his animals. Most of them can become best friends. I mean look at a guy and his dog; someone wrote a song about it. Men think they are okay because they have their companion and so they


think they don’t need a woman, which the nice thing is that an animal can’t talk back! But this commercial sure showed the companionship that can grow between a man and his animal.  Animals have become a part of many families lives because they give them someone to spend time with when you are home alone. Others use them as a source of protection for their house and that makes them feel safer. Sometimes when it comes to a widowed person, a pet can be soothing to them because they lost someone they loved and this animal helps fill the hole that was created when their true love passed away. Budweiser showed the love that can between a human and animal, which helps bring out peoples’ emotions, which means Budweiser wants them to drink beer and help them make money….


Image: http://www.arborday.org/shopping/treesforpets/tim.cfm

Young in the Mind

Continuing with Super Bowl Commercials, Taco Bell also had a great commercial. The elderly people sneaking out of the nursing home and partying was great! To me it shows that elderly people don’t want to be treated like just an old person. They can still be young at heart and they want to have their fun too. I know if I had to sit in a nursing home all the time I would want to get out and have some fun. Nursing homes to me actually scare me. They are one of my biggest fears because many of the people living in one are lonely. And I don’t like to be lonely.

Taco Bell brought the young out in the elderly people and I don’t know if it was meant to be taken that way but that’s how I saw it. I think out of all the commercials from the Super Bowl, the Dodge commercial about the farmer was the best. But the most entertaining had to be the Taco Bell commercial. I know some people just watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials which is great! The game isn’t that exciting unless the power goes out!

America’s Heroes (Besides the defenders of freedom)

Many people just watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials, but some still watch it for the entertainment of the game. My favorite part of the game had to be when the lights went out.. Good job New Orleans. But when it came to the commercials, (even though I do not like Ram Trucks), I think their commercial was definitely, without a doubt, the best one out of them all. It was very motivational and I think spoke to America the most.

The farmer now-a-days is looked over and not cared about by many. Many people look at them and say, “There’s another hick about to go play with his animals.” Well most times they aren’t. Without the farmers that bust their butts trying to grow food; many more people would be starving. It is ridiculous to think about all the food that the farmers grow this day and age. They produce so much food and people think so little of them. The Agricultural sector of the economy is one of the biggest but it seems to suck so bad because nobody cares for the farmers. If people cared about them as much as they do their SUV and high price-tagged clothes or oil, the farmers might be better off.

The men and women of the Agricultural Enterprises spend most of their day working. Granted that today’s technology makes farming easier, it is very expensive. The new tractors and equipment today cost tens of thousands of dollars. You can come in as a fresh new farmer, but you better have some dough or lots of assets because buying all new equipment is almost impossible. Without the farmer we would be starving. I hope in the future people start paying attention to the agricultural sector because it needs help. It is a way of life and some couldn’t or wouldn’t want to do anything else for the rest of their life. Without the farmer, we would not have clothes or food.

Taking Chances..

Into the Wild, pg. 132:
“I just don’t understand why he had to take those kind of chances,” Billie protests through her tears. “I just don’t understand it at all.”

In life, we take chances everyday. You wake up and decide to go out, you take the chance that anything could happen to you. The possibility that you could get hit by a car, get in an accident, or the elevator at work stops working. Chance is a big part in life. The fact that you could get food poisoning every time you eat some where is involved too.

When it comes to woodworking, every time you go to use a tool or start a project, you take a chance. The possibility of cutting your hand off or getting something jabbed through your body some where is there. When you are working on your project, there is the chance you could cut it wrong and mess the whole thing up. Sure you can buy some more materials, but then it costs you just that much more and takes that much more time to finish your project. When it comes to my girlfriend’s entertainment center, I wasn’t for sure what color I really wanted to stain it… So I took the chance and just used one of the stains we had at home. Good thing I liked it because if I didn’t, I would have had to make a lot of new pieces! I took the chance and it worked out exactly how I wanted it to work. Here is the drawer I had made and this is with the stain that I took a chance on and this is what it looked like.. I LOVED THE COLOR!photo

Be Prepared, Prepared, Prepared, A Motto of a True Scout.

Not only am I an active woodworker, but I am a Boy Scout also. I have never been more happy to be part of an organization. I have met many of my great friends in this program and I always make many more. I achieved the rank of Eagle and I am very proud that my younger brother has just crossed over and became a Boy Scout. I hope he stays as active as I have and sticks with the program.

With Boy Scouts being prepared is the motto. There is even a song about it, (the name of this blog post… its pretty original). But I learned just that. Many different skills of camping, wilderness survival, and leadership skills. I know that I will use the many different skills I have learned because I already have. Starting fires and many other outdoor skills have come to great use when camping with my family or even just having a bonfire at my house!

But with woodworking you have to be prepared. You have to know what you are going to do, what you are going to use, and to know the skills to do said task. The biggest step to being prepared is being mentally prepared. If you don’t think you can do it, you can’t. Having all the supplies and tools are needed also. Without the proper equipment it is very difficult to be able to work on your project. (Unless you are like me and good at making jigs and using the wrong tool but making it work.) Being prepared is one of the biggest steps in being successful in life.