You Can’t Do Anything Without Ambition

Ambition…. Many people lack it and others have too much of it. But no matter how much you have, you will always have the ambition to do something you love. For me, it is pretty much expected but I have great ambition to do woodworking. Especially with doing a big project, you have to have ambition to complete it. Granted some days I have less ambition to work on it; throughout the whole thing, you have to have enough to finish it. (Kinda like blogging.)

The same thing goes with going to college. Yes I have already gone to school for 13 years and who would want to go four more years? But I know that I need those four more years if I want a better life down the road. I have the pressure of my family and friends wanting me to succeed and that helps me get through it (but also having to pay for most of it helps too!!) College is a great choice but I understand that college is not for everyone and that’s fine. I just hope you have the ambition to do something that will make your future bright and provide for you and your family.

I know it’s hard to do your job if you hate it but most do it because they get paid. Sure that doesn’t sound that good but that is their type of ambition and its great if it works for them! Whatever floats your boat! (I live by this motto!) You have to do what you have to do. Just sometimes it’s easier if you have the ambition to do it!

I fabricated these drawers out of some scrap flooring and 1/4in. plywood. Without the ambition to succeed (and save money) I would not have been to make the four drawers and make them look nice.


Once You Fail, Try, Try Again

We all experience failure in our life. (Some more than others). But as the great Mr. Wayne said, “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.” Those are great words of wisdom and they make perfect sense to me.

Without failure or mistakes we would not learn anything new or would not have different tasks perfected. Even though we would all enjoy being perfect and having no failures, that is not how life works. We wouldn’t be human without failure. When it comes to woodworking, if you fail its usually not good. But if you are crafty enough you are able to fix your mistake and then some people wouldn’t even know that you made a mistake. That is where wood glue and wood filler is a woodcrafter’s best friend. The best wood glue I have ever used is Gorilla Glue’s Wood Glue. I have not had any trouble with using it and it is the only glue that I used on any of my projects. Here is the next picture on the trip of the entertainment center.

photo (2)

I now have the other two panels on and the middle shelf glued and brad nailed in. It is currently laying on its back

No Guts, No Glory


When this picture pops up it immediately says to me that with no guts you cannot accomplish anything. You must have the spunk to do a job. With woodworking, if you do not have the stuff you will not succeed. You must have the guts to be able to run the saws, drills, or any other power tool. The passion to do this different form of art has to be alive in you in order to be able to do this amazing work.

I experience this first hand when I start to work on a project. With my upcoming posts I will be sharing the progress on the entertainment center that I have created. When I started on it, I was pumped and ready to go. The only bad thing was that the plans that I had for it were not very descriptive or detailed. I pretty much had a picture to work with and I had to make up all the measurements myself. Not only that but I added my own plans to it so that it would be very personalized. With having the guts to do this project and being able to come up with the ideas myself, I knew that I was going to succeed. About halfway through this task, I thought that I had bitten off a little to much for an 18 year old beginner.. But with my dads assistance, I battled through some set backs and was able to make something amazing.

I have done some other smaller projects before and I was ready to step it up. (I will include the other ones later on!) So I used my guts and strong will to undertake this great task and now I am glad that I did. It was a complete success and I am glad that I took this step in my woodworking career.

Confidence is Mandatory

When doing a big project you have to have confidence in what you are making. I recently made my girlfriend an entertainment center for Christmas and I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted. But once I decided the basic design the rest came along and I had confidence in what I was doing.

If you aren’t confident in what you are doing it is hard to succeed. I know from experience with the other different gifts I have made that confidence is required. Also that it is true in life because if you don’t think you can succeed in college or in your job, you won’t. You have to be confident in all that you do and I believe that you will be more up to succeeding that way.

Below is the start of the entertainment center that I made my girlfriend. Without confidence in my woodworking skills I would not have been able to make anything of this size.

photo (1)